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seek a career path in law enforcement, working with firearmsor join the local police, Idaho is a great place to start. The next article will explore methods to serve the local police in Idaho.

Idaho provides a range of options that you serve with the police in the community:

Training Dogs

The Idaho state police rely upon K9 officers to assist them serve and protect the state. They’re open to receiving applications for trainers of K9 officers. If you are looking to work with dogs as trainers, it is ideal to become involved with your local police.

It is the Idaho Police Canine association has the opportunity to join a program of volunteers that can join for exercises for the police, and then work with local K9s in training. Through this volunteer program, you’ll get to work in-depth with police, and also work for the police in your community by helping to prepare and assist the K9s.

Ride Along

It is also possible to serve the Idaho Police Department by participating in a ride-along program. Ridealongs typically involve:

Helping officers on patrol in the course of a shift. Monitoring them as they work. Seeing how they serve the community.

This is a good method to determine what jobs in law enforcement would be a good fit for you. Idaho police agencies typically require you to fill out an application form, sign a waiver , and undergo an interview before you are granted the right to be employed in the role of an officer.

Students should have at minimum 18 years of age and possess an elementary understanding of safety and criminal justice. This can provide valuable insight into the daily life of a local officer.

Work in Police Garment Cleaning and Production

The Idaho state police also require special garment manufacturers in Idaho. Making law enforcement patches or cleaning the uniforms of police officers is a fantastic method to help local police and the community. You


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