Three Tips for Having an Upscale Party Without Upscale Costs

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Did you know that the worth’s most expensive birthday party was hosted by the Sultan of Brunei? The party cost an estimated $27 million, and celebrated the Sultan’s 50th birthday. Parties are a part of many events. They’re a frequent part of weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, festivals and more.

If you’re planning on throwing a party at your house, now is the time to impress your guests with beautifully coordinated details and decorations. But how can you make your home into a great party destination, while still staying on budget? Here are three tips for having an upscale party, without the upscale costs.

1. Party Tent Rentals

Party tent rentals
are a great idea for larger parties that can occur outdoors. When my grandparents had their 50th wedding anniversary, my mom made sure to call up the party tent rentals company. Why? Not only did the tent establish a centralized location for the party, but it also kept the 60+ guests out of our home and out of the kitchen where all the food was being cooked. Another bonus: it ended up raining that day, so not only were the floors saved from muddy footprints, but the party went on even as it drizzled above the tent.

2. Saving Money on the Catering

Catering isn’t cheap. For the type of party my mom was throwing, catering would have probably cost about $20 a guest, for a total of over $1,000. One way she was able to cut down on costs was by having several of my cousins serve appetizers she had picked out, and let the caterers do only the meal. They were happy for something to do, and excited to get $5 at the end of the day. For daytime parties, having teenagers you know help out can be a potential way to keep costs down without cutting back on caring for your guests.

3. Table Linen Rentals

If you search through Google for table linen questions, you will see many iterations of, “Should I rent or buy?” On the one hand, you might get a return on your investment if you buy your linen, and then re-sell it on eBay or another site. On the other hand, it might not sell at all, and you’ll be left dealing with washing dozens of individual linen pieces, then storing them. After the party your tablecloth might have a lot of stains and candle wax on them that can be tough to remove. If you rent, you also won’t have to spend the night before the party worrying about ironing your linens!

Do you have any party planning tips to share? Let us know in the comments.
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