Your Company Needs a BYOD Strategy

Bring in your own device

With the explosion in the use of mobile devices, including smart phones and tablets, many companies are implementing BYOD strategy plans. The definition of BYOD stands for bring your own device, which means that employees can bring their personally owned devices to work, as well as use them to access the company network or information system. It is interesting to note that 70 percent of smart phone users regular check their work email after normal work hours. Also, companies that use this BYOD strategy can let employees experience greater productivity, less paperwork, more accurate billing and record keeping, streamlined workflow, and added visibility.

However, this BYOD system can present many security challenges and issues for the company. For instance, should a smart phone or tablet that contains company data be lost or stolen, there could be many security implications. Therefore, a strong BYOD strategy should include security solutions that can include implementation of a third party mobile device management software package.

This mobile device management security is provided over the cloud and is scalable, secure and convenient, all of which is important to BYOD strategy. A proactive BYOD strategy will also require that users lock and password protect their devices. This mobile device management software will also allow administrators to lock or erase a device should it become lost or stolen, thus ensuring company data security.

Another part of this bring your own device management part of BYOD strategy will ensure that all devices are kept up to date as far as operating system installations are concerned. Additionally, smart phone and devices used under this BYOD strategy will have the latest malware, spyware, and virus prevention software installed. This is just another layer of important security for your network.

Your BYOD strategy and the use of Mobile device management programs can also keep an up to date inventory of all devices that are in use by employees. This will allow better protection and tracking should any of those devices get lost or stolen.

A strong BYOD strategy can protect your company network assets, as well as providing a very effective and convenient way to allow greater productivity to your employees.
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