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Five Facts to Consider When Finding a Local SEO Consultant

Local search seo

Small businesses rely heavily on the local communities to support them. But what happens when more and more people turn to the web for their shopping and resource service needs? You have to meet them there. Partner with a local SEO consultant, specializing in search engine optimization, for the best SEO services for small businesses tips and tricks to help your business. Here are five to get you started:

1. All hail the king

Yes, we all know how important Google is, in the abstract at least. But how much of an Internet giant is Google, really? Reports indicate that Google owns approximately 65 to 70 percent of the entire search engine market share. That is enough, it would appear, to crown Google the undisputed champion

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Stopping Termite Problems Before They Start

Termite pest control memphis

Home pest control is a problem plaguing many Americans. Termite pest control in particular is a huge industry, as native species cost Americans an estimated $2 billion each year in extermination services. Whether you see them or not, termites are everywhere. Taken together, all the termites in the wold significantly outweigh all the humans in the world, and have accomplished that feat on a diet of the things we hate to replace: wood, wallpaper, plastics, and fabrics made from plants. They dig tunnels, burrow in buildings, and ultimately pose a major danger to those structures they inhabit.

The best termite and pest control services can help you eradicate termites that have already mad

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