Three Amazing Recipes for Every Salsa Lover

Recipes using salsa

Salsa, to many Americans, can be described as a quintessential part of American party food. We love it for our football and hockey games, we love it for movie night with our loved ones. Further, it tastes amazing when dumped en masse over scrambled or fried eggs in the morning. It is hard to conceive of a food that would not be better with salsa lovingly dispersed all over it.

Of course, salsa is not American. Many ask “what is salsa“. Salsa, simply, is the Spanish word for “sauce”. However, it is so much more than that. This tasty, zippy, oftentimes spicy dip has roots tracing their way back to the soils of early-15th century Mexico, according to the Nibble.

The Aztecs ruled Mexico from 1428 to 1521 when they were conquered by the Hernan Cortes led Spanish expeditionary force. Their rule may have been cut short, but their impact on the culinary world can still be felt to this day. That’s right; salsa is thought to be nearly 600 years old.

Despite being around for nearly six centuries, classic mild salsa dip has not changed all that much for many people. However, for others, classic mild salsa dip needed to be updated. Here are three of the best takes on salsa for the modern age.

Classic Mild Salsa Dip

Classic mild salsa dip is simple and delicious. Emeril Lagasse of Food Network fame recommends taking fresh tomatoes, red onion, a jalapeno, and cilantro and mashing them all together. After getting the mixture to a consistency you like, squeeze in fresh lime juice, and add salt and pepper to taste. Mix well and enjoy with your favorite tortilla chips.

Southwestern Salsa

Southwestern salsa recipes are known for being more complex in flavor than their predecessors, the classic mild salsa dips. has a killer recipe for southwestern salsa that is not all that different from the classic, however. By adding cumin, garlic, and red pepper, you get a noticeably different flavor profile. Other variations include adding black beans and corn for sweetness, chipotle for some smoke, and a dash of cinnamon for added Mexican authenticity.

Pico de Gallo

Pico de gallo salsa dips, meaning “Beak of the Rooster”, according to Kitchen Savvy, differ from salsa in that they do not have to be made strictly out of tomato, onion, and chili peppers. Instead, they can incorporate sweet elements by using mango, pineapple, and other fresh fruits. Perhaps the most classic pico de gallo, however, is the most simple. Take tomatoes, cilantro, garlic, sea salt, chilis, and fresh chopped onions together to create a chunky, fresh salsa that will liven up any party.

No matter what recipe you decide to go with, you can be safe in the knowledge that fresh salsa calories are almost always low. If you add cheese, oils, or any meats, then that will, naturally, change. Salsa nutrition varies based on the contents but is generally high in natural vitamins, sugars, and fiber. Just be careful; store bought brands are jam packed with salt, but with these home-made varieties, we’re betting you will never use store-bought salsa again. Happy eating! Check out this site for more.

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