Even Small Tools Make a Big Difference for Worker Safety

Crank handles

Though there have been lots of measures taken over the years to make job sites and industrial facilities safer for workers, the reality is that injuries still happen. Nearly half of all American workers still complain of back pain during their work day at some point during the year, and OSHA had a budget of more than 564 million last year to help keep workplaces safe. But when it comes down to it, using the right hydraulic cylinders and other small tools is vital for making sure that workers do not get hurt on the job.

Most production facilities depend on huge, powerful machines to reach their production goals and make sure that consumers get the items they order on time. However, harnessing their power can be difficult, and when they break, the consequences could be severe. So installing strong hydraulic cylinders and using the right hydraulic pumps, like screw pumps, which can be single or double ended depending on where they are used, is a must.

On their own, grease fittings might seem small and too insignificant to make a difference in worker safety. However, the proper lubrication is for making sure that machines work properly and do not suddenly fall apart or even catch fire. Grease fittings are installed directly onto a machine by a threaded connection and allow for the use of a grease gun. Essentially, they are small metal pieces that allow lubrication to be applied even under high-pressure situations. Without them, it could be tough to make sure machines are greased properly, and dangerous malfunctions could be the norm.

Without the right lubrication, and possible despite it, vibration could cause parts of machines to fall off and possibly injure those who are working with them. In order to prevent that, companies should also invest in vibration control systems that isolate objects from the effects of vibration. A smoother work environment can be much safer, and vibration control is a relatively easy way to build that.

Of course, injuries from hitting a thumb with a hammer and little things like that are common, but also preventable. Toggle clamps can be used to hold items in place while they are worked on and reduce the chance of them slipping or falling. This means that workers can keep their hands clear and not have to worry about as many bumps and cuts.

In reality, no matter how many tools, like dependable hydraulic cylinders are used, workplace safety depends on the workers themselves. Without using the right tools are taking the proper precautions, there is no guarantee that a day at work can end without an injury.

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