Are You Renting Your First Apartment?

Choosing the best rental

Part of every person’s life is moving out of their parents’ home and into their own space. Some do this when they start college, some do it when they start work. When we first move into our own home, it can be scary. We have to cook, clean, and take care of ourselves. We have to worry about the bills and about the safety of our space.

Yes, moving into our first apartment rentals can be a trying experience. However, there are ways to make the entire experience better. Here are five tips for renting apartments and getting what you want from the experience.

  • Consider the Neighborhood
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    Investopedia recommends that all potential renters take a look at the neighborhoods surrounding places for rent before deciding to live there. If there are any glaring safety issues, then maybe that apartment is not the best place for you. You do not want to move into your new apartment rentals only to find there is a real safety concern in the area. Do your research before moving in to avoid the issue.

  • Generate a Reasonable Budget
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    The process of finding rental apartments should start with the generation of a reasonable budget. What can you actually afford to pay on a consistent basis? Remember, you have to figure in the cost of rent but also any additional utilities you are required to pay for. Also, you need to figure in the cost of groceries and any essential amenities. MSN Money writes that you can avoid legal issues and financial ones by setting up a realistic budget for yourself and sticking to it.

  • Take a Tour Before Renting
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    The internet makes apartment renting easier than ever. Apartment rentals are often placed online with pictures, rent amounts, and any other important information. However, as Investopedia writes, it is not good enough to look at pictures and hope your actual apartment will look as they do online. Be sure to tour your apartment before renting to get the best quality at the price asked.

  • Is Rent Negotiable?
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    LifeHacker writes that some landlords offering apartment rentals may be willing to negotiate rent costs if that means filling the vacancy quicker. Of course, they are not going to come right out and say they will take less than the asking price. Be brave if you want to save. Ask them if they will accept less in exchange for services rendered or a longer lease period to save yourself money.

  • Make Sure Everything is in Writing
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    US News smartly points out that no matter what the agreement is you are given for your apartment rentals, you need to absolutely get everything in writing. Having a lease agreement protects both you and your landlords from having to deal with dishonesty in your business arrangement. If your future landlord tries to get you to agree to a deal without a contract, insist. If they still refuse, you are better off not renting the space.

Apartment rentals can be an expensive, tricky thing to find and maintain. However, by following these five tips, you can help to ensure your experience is the best it can possibly be. Happy hunting! More research here.

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