Five Facts to Consider When Finding a Local SEO Consultant

Local search seo

Small businesses rely heavily on the local communities to support them. But what happens when more and more people turn to the web for their shopping and resource service needs? You have to meet them there. Partner with a local SEO consultant, specializing in search engine optimization, for the best SEO services for small businesses tips and tricks to help your business. Here are five to get you started:

1. All hail the king

Yes, we all know how important Google is, in the abstract at least. But how much of an Internet giant is Google, really? Reports indicate that Google owns approximately 65 to 70 percent of the entire search engine market share. That is enough, it would appear, to crown Google the undisputed champion of online search.

2. Search and email

Even the most rudimentary web user have likely used Google and likely also have some type of email account. This is because using search engine functions and sending emails are the top two Internet activities, despite all the advancements made in social media and eCommerce in the past five years or so. For your business needs, it might be time to have a look at a local SEO consultant to see what can be done to suit you.

3. Three letters: SEO

Local SEO relies on high-quality content and lots of it. In fact, 92 percent of marketers say that SEO is either “somewhat” or “very” effective in generating the kind of content that their business can thrive on. As a small business, you really need the support of the local community to build up your base, and this is where a local SEO consultant can help.

4. Finding a winner

The Pew Research Center found that 58 percent of people have researched a product online before purchasing it. The most popular way to do research? Search engines. Lo and behold the mighty power of effective local SEO strategies — they can make your links appear higher in the Google rankings, allowing for more visibility and, ultimately, more business.

5. Staying social

Of course, any search marketing company cannot be mentioned without also mentioning the impact of social media. Yes, more people discover content through searches, but 70 percent of social media users in North America are connected to at least one local business via their accounts. A great way to engage them is to focus on web-exclusive deals which can be shared through multiple pages and platforms to maximize your reach.

Any local SEO consultant will have more details on the top tips for landing more traffic. It takes a local SEO consultant with experience to offer the most practical advice, to listen to it. It just could might help you swing the spotlight onto your site.

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