Improving Your Small Business Persona

Rent a virtual office

Whether you are just starting out or staying small for efficiency, you can rent a office or business suites suited for your needs. A virtual office includes typical services that you might need to appear larger or more professional, without the additional overhead.

Finding the right combination of services, amenities and location can help jumpstart your business appearance with potential clients. For those looking to extend their client reach without adding additional employees, you can use call centers or answering services to route calls appropriately without sending people directly voice mail. In high touch client services, the ability to have a live person answering the phone and taking appropriate messages can be the difference in getting the sale.

While many professionals aspire to the convenience of the home office, client interactions and meetings may make that less than optimal. By using virtual office rentals, you can maintain a certain level of professionalism without committing to unnecessary space or services. A serviced office space can economically allow you to expand and even open satellite offices with built in services typically found in larger staffed enterprises.

For the road warrior, having the ability to use office space in various cities can boost productivity and convenience. With the mobile capabilities of most sales people and employees, they can rent virtual office spaces in key territories for less than a full branch office.

In terms of the international enterprises and companies, they can attain a local presence through the use of online virtual offices so that they do not have to physically rent a office. While they may need to maintain local phone numbers, addresses and other contact info, they can route it through any number of virtual office configurations to get the advantage of a local office.

Regardless of your business needs, you can find a virtual office arrangement that gives the room to expand and scale up as your company grows. In the meantime, you can take advantage of the shared administrative services, meeting rooms and other amenities. See this reference for more:

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  1. My sales job puts me on the road every day and I am so tired of having to use a coffee shop or library in between client visits. The virtual office might be perfect.

  2. Depending on where you travel and how much time you spend in the office, there are all kinds of shared space or executive suite options that should fit well.

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