Childcare in the Work Place

Employer provided child care

The beginning of the day care movement actually originated with the welfare and reform movements in the 19th century. Childcare in the workplace became a serious cause for concern, as parents who worked had to find something to do with their children while they toiled their hours. Day care providers found their niche, and since then millions of children have gone through day care.

Toddlers’ ears are better at picking up high frequency sounds than adults, which explains why loud noises are more alarming to them. When choosing child care or selecting a daycare, it should be noted that you find a place that will cater to your child’s needs. Most private day cares will follow your exact instructions for your child’s care and provide a safe and nurturing, as well as educational environment in which to trust your child.

More than 80 of the companies in Working Mothers magazine’s top 100 companies for working mothers actually offer some form of corporate child care to their employees. Providing onsite child care for employees actually results in increased retention, higher productivity and reduced absenteeism. Childcare in the workplace is actually a brilliant idea for companies, as they can take care of their employees children and give them peace of mind at work. On that note, around 90 percent of the cost of child care is assumed by parents, so corporate child care can be a much better solution. Continue reading here:

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