Three Q Blogs Reach Different Demographics

Rquinox Q Blog, or Blog Q, as it is also known, provides readers with information on local news, local weather, and the local economy. Blog Q is written in a friendly, informative style that gives readers the nuts and bolts facts they have come to rely on. Whereas other blogs present a great deal of extraneous detail and unnecessary commentary, blog Q takes a balanced and neutral approach to its reportage of local goings on.

The Mrs Q blog is also a well loved online source of articles on many subjects that are of interest to local readers, especially those readers with children. The Mrs Q blog is associated loosely with blog Q. Though their respective readerships do indeed overlap, they are different animals appealing to different demographics. Blog Q is far more general in its focus and presentation than the Mrs Q blog is.

The Q models blog, another blog sharing an association with both Blog Q and the Mrs Q blog, is particularly urbane and sophisticated and primarily appeals to young adults living in big cities, particularly those who want to make it in the entertainment field. The Q models blog features a number of short snappy pieces lightly sprinkled with pop culture references and a twist of irony. The Q models blog has a particular sensibility that skews towards a much younger demographic than does Blog Q or the Mrs Q blog.

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  1. i kind of wish people had to get a license to be able to blog. Like, you had to pass a test or something to prove you are not a useless moron.

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