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The Origins of Camouflage

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We are all familiar with nature and its own clever version of camouflage. For example, the black and white stripes in the coat of a zebra blur the outline of the animal when they run, which actually confuses predators. Owls, snakes, and chameleons are also adept masters of disguise. When it comes to man made camouflage, however, its origins are a bit different.

The etymology of the word camouflage derives from the French word, camoufler, which means to blind or veil. And in fact, the French were also responsible for the first militaristic use of camouflage. (British army units, who were the first to adopt this practice, camouflaged their rifles during the Napoleonic wars with the French empire.)

Camouflage has seen many iterations since its military inception. During World War II, aerial observations caus

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The First Steps to Finding a Great Vet

Choosing the right veterinarian for your pet is an important decision. Pets are often like family members, sharing in our joys, griefs, and day to day experiences. Veterinarians are partners in the effort to not only prolong our pets lives, but to give them healthy, happy experiences while they are with us. Unfortunately, not all veterinarians are equally qualified for the task, and it is left to pet owners to weed out those that are ill fitted.

A good place to begin when looking for a new vet is an online directory of vets. A veterinarian directory might include reviews and will also contain the contact information
and specialties for a number of veterinarians in a given area. While perusing through a directory of vets, write down the phone numbers of vets in the area who are interesting to you. A vet directory might include websites for vets who have them. It would be wise to familiarize yourself with the vets you’re considering before picking up the phone.

After choosing a few ve

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Are illegal Drugs That Different From the Ones Prescribed?

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Get this, according to the National Institutes of Health, from 2002 to 2011, the number of illicit drug users 50 to 59 years old just about tripled from 900,000 to 2.7 million. What are people doing and how does this even happen? Are there seriously more and more people buying drugs off the streets, or are doctors possibly over prescribing medicine to people who end up using them for more than there pain and sickness? Maybe pain management doctors are the cause to this outrageous rise in drug addiction that America is seeing these days.

Although many would not consider marijuana use as bad as other drugs, more than half of new illicit drug users begin with using marijuana. Once experienced with marijuana, next comes the prescription pain relievers, followed by inhalants. Speaking of inhalants, for some re

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