Need Help with Medical Software Development? Three Facts about Web Portals

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What does your business need portals for? Online portals are the paths that customers and employees will take through your website in order to find product information, company blogs, digital catalogs, account statements and more. Portals present information in a unified and easy to understand way. If you are thinking about getting web portal development for your company, then here are three things you should keep in mind.

1. Portals Allow You to Streamline User Experience

One of the advantages of using portals is that they give a consistent look and feel to the many applications and pages of a website. Early examples of web portals include Yahoo!, AOL, and Netvibes. What portals allow is for companies to house multiple applications in one place, rather than requiring the use of multiple, different URLS. The web application model is constructed using three tiers, business services, user services, and data services.

2. Helpful for Mobile Applications

If you want to create an information hub for the mobile application your website operates, web portals can be instrumental, and mobile development is important since over 75 million people in the U.S. now access the web via mobile browsers, and they expect applications to be compatible and user friendly. Portal integration can allow for cloud computing, which is when hardware and software are delivered as services over the internet, rather than being required to download.

3. Medical Software Development

Did you know that the FDA is now focusing on regulating the process and system level testing of medical device software? If you are looking for medical software options, portal integration allows medical professionals to improve both patient engagement and patient flow. Patients can make appointments, refill requests, and upload their history, all in one central online location. Web portal development like this helps improve customer satisfaction, while keeping overhead costs relatively low.
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