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Becoming an SEO and social media reseller is one of the best ways for web development and digital design agencies to expand their services. Some of the best SEO reseller programs are white label, allowing resellers to outsource their services without letting clients know that they’re oursourcing. Many entrepreneurs and agencies have opted in to the SEO reselling game, recognizing an opportunity for increased profit with little overhead. Here are a few of the reasons they’re giving for becoming SEO and social media resellers:

  1. Keeping Clients Happy
    Clients who are already interested in developing a quality online presence are the primary demographic for SEO services, anyway. If you’re a company specializing in web design and development, it’s only natural to offer internet marketing services anyway. It’s fairly easy to help clients see that there’s little point in creating a fancy new site that nobody will ever see. Reselling SEO and online marketing services is a great way to give them what they need and keep clients working with you.
  2. A Little Extra Cash Flow
    For companies that work on a project basis, reselling SEO services which are generally paid for monthly can provide a little residual income. That can come in very handy in the event of a slow month or a late payment from a client. By upcharging clients even a little for your liaison services, you can add a litle extra income without much extra work.
  3. It’s Just Not That Difficult
    Being an SEO and social media reseller isn’t totally work free, but it’s not going to add a lot of extra stress and work, either. Resellers are primarily responsible for the following:

    • Communicating with the provider about the client’s needs
    • Communicating with the client about the provider’s needs
    • Collecting payments from the client and forwarding payment to the provider
    • Helping clients to understand the process and the results of services

    Whether or not a reseller chooses to share with a client that they are outsourcing, the fact remains that resellers are really only responsible for interfacing. Providers do most of the legwork.

  4. You Learn Something New Every Day
    SEO is of growing importance in the internet marketing world. Regardless of their involvement as resellers, its in the best interests of web design and development agencies to be familiar with SEO tactics and news. Signing on as a reseller challenges a business to stay on the forefront of SEO news and to continue expanding its knowledge. The best way to learn is by teaching, and being a reseller is all about learning from a provider and teaching a client. The more you know about how the internet works, the better you can serve your clients. It’s a win win.

Becoming an SEO and social media reseller is a great way to provide clients with great service while providing yourself with professional development and additional income. Many providers offer white label reseller programs that can help entrepreneurs and agencies get ahead in the internet marketing industry. Continue reading here.

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