Specialty Produce is All the Rage!

Edible blossoms

Specialty produce is all the rage these days. Edible flowers for salads such as pansy, bachelors buttons, calendula, marigold, chrysanthemum, snapdragon, carnation, dahlia, nasturtium and viola are served in the finest eateries all over the country. These edible flowers make meals more colorful and flavorful. This specialty produce is used in soups, desserts, and seafood dishes.

Edible blossoms and specialty produce are quickly changing the makeup of some of the most beloved meals in the country. They are great in condiments like butter and syrups. Specialty produce has medicinal properties as well. Medieval monks were in the habit of preserving violets in mead and syrup which they used to treat colds and the flu in sick patients.

Candied flowers are becoming ever more popular on cakes. Crystallized flowers look lovely atop pastries because flower crystals sparkle. Sugared flowers make beautiful decorations for wedding cakes. You can use all kinds of candied flowers on wedding cakes. For example, roses, daffodils, and gardenias are beautiful cake toppers that give a unique flare to your special day. More.

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