Camouflage For the Modern Woman Warrior?


While animals use protective patterns and coloring to vanish into the background as their enemies approach, camouflage purses have become the perfect add on to a stylish wardrobe for quite the opposite effect. Yes, historically camo has been used by soldiers, hunters, and the animal kingdom to blend into their environment, there are so many camo clothing options hitting the spotlight that you cannot help but take notice. You most definitely are not like the squid that changes color to match their surroundings.

As the trend gains a following, parents have embraced the look for their kids too with camo baby bedding, camo bathing suits, and camo clothing among many other options for the camouflage inspired. Think you or your little girl cannot find the perfect camouflage accessory? Think again, pink camouflage, especially when used for camouflage purses, adds just the right touch of cuteness to an otherwise drab look. Perhaps the modern women is just a touch of a warrior as she tackles parenting and business each day.

Sure, you love camouflage purses, but have you ever considered camo wedding ideas that have started showing up? Take inspiration from the Chelsea Arts Club, an avant garde group of artists, that wore dazzle patterned black and white outfits for their 1919 “Dazzle Ball”. Make your accessories elegant and rustic with a twinge of camo. It is not limited to the brides either, make your attendants smile with perfect little camouflage purses that reflect your taste and style.

In terms of choices, the old, tired hunter look of past camouflage has been redesigned into so many choices that you could carry camouflage purses every day of the week without repeating the same design or color. And it’s not just accessories that have been “branded” with camo, sports teams have recently added a camouflage design to their traditional uniform choices. They have taken their inspiration from Arctic foxes and other animals that have coats that change color based on the season. Use the same inspiration to tweak your look easily with a quick switch to different camouflage purses and related accessories. Plus, it means that you do not have to completely change your wardrobe when you rely on cute accessory accents.

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