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ourselves are given gifts for a number of occasions, no matter if they are happy or sad. An arrangement of floral arrangements to be gifted for someone’s wedding day can be a wonderful gift idea. These are some suggestions to create birthday bouquets for your loved ones.

Birthday flowers will be an all-over arrangement that is arranged in a grid order so that they can be easily woven together inside of vase. Leaf shine spray is a great option to provide the greenery with a distinctive shimmer. You can opt for an Asiatic Lily in the middle of the vase, so that it becomes the focal bloom. Cushion poms in yellow can be added to enhance the arrangements. Additional flowers and stems should be arranged diagonally to be in keeping in line with the grid in order to not distract from the main focal point. Make sure to disperse your colors evenly for an appealing and pleasing design.

For additional information on making birthday bouquets, tune to the clip we posted above.


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