What Are the Birthday Flowers for Each Month? – Skyline Newspaper

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There are a variety of colors that carry different meanings. Violets are the colors of February and have the ability to endure winter’s harsh cold. The spring season is marked in March by sunshine daffodils.

The month of April is famous for its daisies. They are also known as “day’s eye” Daisies open when the sun rises. May is symbolized through hawthorns that have a variety of species. Roses are the birthday flowers in June. The diverse colors signify different feelings.

Serene water lilies represent July. Poppies that are bright and vibrant represent August and come in various shades. The most popular flower to celebrate September is known as morning glory. This flower is named in honor of the fact that it opens earlier in the morning.

Marigold is an emblem of October. It is also a symbol of the fall colors. For November, birthday flowers are Chrysanthemums, also known as “mums” representing love, happiness, and optimism, based on the color. The flower of December, nectar flower, can be purchased with a variety of colors.

Make contact with your florist to send someone beautiful flowers on their birthday. They will be sure to brighten your day.


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