The Many Types of CCTV Cameras – 1938 News

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Cameras let us record events in the present. The most popular cameras that you’ll see all over your community is the CCTV. It is often utilized to provide footage for news stories about missing or wanted criminals. These cameras can also prove useful in courts. Private homes, retail stores, and government facilities are some of the most popular areas to spot a CCTV camera. In this video, we will look at different kinds that CCTV cameras are available in this short video.

If you’re looking for CCTV cameras there are three distinct and distinctive designs. There’s the dome-style turret or vandal dome, and the bullet style camera. There are two additional types, the PTZ camera or security cameras that are hidden. Turret dome cameras typically include a fixed lens however, some larger models come with a vari-focal lens. Because they are ceiling- or wall-mountable, turrets are very sought-after.


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