Lets Talk About the Differences Between Diesel and Gas Engines – Car Talk Podcast

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Although engines use the same four stroke engine but there are distinct differences between petrol and diesel engines. This YouTube clip “The differences between Diesel engines and petrol” highlights the differences between these two types of engines.

Both petrol and diesel engines employ different ignition strategies. Because there are no spark plugs in diesel engines, combustion of fumes as well as air is controlled by compression and temperature in the engine. This allows diesel engines to be more efficient than petrol engines. The petrol engines aren’t able to reduce the volume of fumes or air until they could be ignited. Instead, they rely of spark plugs.

This is not the case to the modern diesel and petrol engines. But, the engine’s throttle mechanism may pose a challenge. When the pedal is exerted more forcefully and force, diesel engines provide greater fuel in order to boost output. The gasoline engine on the other hand is dependent on a throttle body in order to let more air in the engine to create more output.


The brakes are another area of which diesel and petrol engines differ. When you take your foot off the throttle will slow the car down for petrol engines, however, braking is a feature of diesel engines in the compression stroke. The differences in these two engines are known to professionals at repair of diesel engines.


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