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A lot of people forget about maintenance until they have a problem. You can spot troubles early by keeping an eye out for some common signs. Be sure to keep an eye out for signs your dryer may need repair.

If the drum of your dryer isn’t spinning, it could be a sign that you require dryer repair. Dryer repair is possible when the dryer ceases to spin in the proper direction or isn’t turning at all.

If you’re experiencing little or no heat, this is the 2nd indicator. First of all, you need to be sure that the setting is not on. If however, clothes dry over and over this could lead to an even bigger issue.

Another sign could be the smell of burning. The dryer is always going to have an odor. But, it’s crucial to shut off your dryer immediately and get an expert repair.

Fourth, you might notice odd sounding noises. Although some sounds may be normal, grinding noises could indicate a bigger trouble.

The dryer is also unable to turn on. When the door is shut, breakers fine, when it’s connected, there a bigger issue.

Watch the video to see the signs you could need dryer repairs.


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