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of tiles. There are two distinct styles of tiles. They can provide a distinct style to your house. How can you tell the differences between concrete and clay roof tiles? Is there an alternative? substitute?
The clay roof tiles are constructed by baking molded clay. The strength of these roof tiles depends on the time and temperature at which they’re heating. There are a variety of colors in roof tiles. Some of them include yellow, white, brown and orange. Terracotta is the most sought-after tile color.

Clay tiles are baked at very high temperatures to make sure that the color doesn’t fade or come off easily. They’re durable for roofs and are highly insulating. This article can help you determine the tiles you want for your roof.

Absorption of water is the key difference between these two roofing types. Concrete tiles contain around one-third water absorption, and clay tiles have 6%.

As a result of this increase in water absorption as a result, dirt and mold can be deposited on concrete tiles. The roof’s weight can be increased if there is excess water. A coating can reduce the absorption rate. uafac9b5di.

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