What NOT to Do at a Coin Store – The Buy Me Blog

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There are some ways to avoid similar to what you do in any other retail store. The YouTube clip “Coin Shop Owner’s Alert Don’t Do These Things in a Coin Shop!” points out the many things you should avoid doing in an establishment that sells coins.

In the beginning, you must take care of your company. Like any other store is illegal to intervene when a transaction is ongoing. It is also important not to overcut the shop owner. Don’t interrupt a shop owner who is engaging in talks with potential customers.

It would be a good decision not to keep asking for the price tag on the back of a coin. While you might be able to ask the owner for clarifications, repeatedly asking for the price tag could cause the store owner to misunderstand your question.

If you do bring children along take care to keep them safe. There are numerous valuable possessions at a coin store that letting kids be free could cause damage to the items listed above.


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