Man Picks Impossible Locks – Entertainment Videos

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nse to call a home locksmith who will let you return. They’ll probably ask for proof of identity in order to verify that you’re the homeowner. In the next moment you’ll have your house locked. With the correct tools, all locks are able to be picked easily. Yet, one man set out to make an indestructible lock. It was finally completed after numerous hours of engineering and designing. The unpickable lock was sent to a locksmith professional. The video below will explain how to unlock the problem.

The video starts with the locksmith showing the two locks to which he was delivered. The first one is the prototype that is fairly easy to figure out. However, the next lock is a totally redesigned model that’s believed to be impossible to solve. The locksmith, however, has a theory on how to get it solved. He explains his theory, then attaches a lock on a test door. After that, he shows how to resolve the issue through a very simple method. The only thing needed was to exploit some small vulnerabilities in the lock.


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