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available. The use of it is for medical or food purposes, among others. These are magnetic, and non-welded.

Ferritic is composed of nickle, as in other elements that alloy. They’re very ductile and formality, but aren’t ideal at higher temperatures.


Martensitic has higher carbon content that affects welding and forming. It’s heat-treatable as well as magnetic. This metal is commonly utilized for knives, surgical instruments and cutting tools.


Duplex steel is stronger, has higher yield strength and a greater fracture cracking due to stress corrosion in chloride. It is employed in the piping industry and in chemical plants. Precipitation Hardening

Precipitation hardening steels contain alloys that permit their hardening by the use of a solution as well as heat treatment. These are steels that age to Austenitic as well as Martensitic.

The different kinds of stainless steel can’t include every steel in existence. There are many different industrial uses. If you are keen to know more about steel then follow the link for the video below.


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