Properties of Teflon O Rings – SEO 27

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It is a synthetic polymer commonly referred to Teflon. Teflon is one of the chemicals that gives nonstick properties of cookware and washer blades for windshields.

PTFE is perfect for the production of O-rings because of its thermo-reactivity, non-reactivity, as well as water resistance. The o-rings that are made of PTFE are suitable for use as weather, thermal as well as electrical insulation. To create PTFE O-rings, the material is stretched and then sintered to form the oval shape, not “melt-formed”.

PTFE O rings are durable however, they do have mechanical faults. They can be prone to damage or not suitable for using with seals with high vacuum pressure, low-compression vacuum sealing flanges as well as super-heated steam.

However, it is possible to boost PTFE using other fillerssuch as graphite, carbon, copper, glass fibers and molybdenum disulfide. The o-ring has more resistance to chemical and temperature changes due to these fillers, which increase their mechanical strength as well as durability as well as stability.

It is the ideal material for the production of o-rings. These small and simple devices provide excellent sealing on all industrial machines you’ll need.


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