Are Insulated New Garage Doors Worth It? – Benro Properties

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New garage doors that are insulated. This door offers the highest temperature control available in homes with garages. If you have temperature-sensitive items in your garage, adding insulation to your garage door or installing a new garage door with better insulative properties than your current door could make sense for you.

The video shows how the presenter installs the DIY garage door insulation kit within his garage door. This kit is made for homeowners to do the installation themselves. It comes with small panels of foam insulation. It is light weight so that it won’t put any stress on the garage door opener. Installation takes just several hours.

The temperature of the outdoor and indoor areas in the garage were measured by the camera host for approximately one week following the placement of insulation. The insulation created a two3-degree change in the temperature in the garage. That amounted to a 15 to 20 percent increase based on how cold it was outside. The person who hosted the video was happy with its overall results, although he mentioned that it could be possible to find better insulation. 2c6qntelsv.

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