What Can Hormone Replacement Therapy do for Infertility? – Reference Books Online

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The hormone replacement therapy is effective for women experiencing irregular periods. The hormones that regulate women’s cycle, which makes it easier for her to know when she’s most fertile. The specific type of hormone used depends on the physician and person’s personal preferences. You can get the hormones via injections, pills, or by vaginal creams.

It is believed that stimulating the ovaries through HRT might also improve the number of eggs produced. This increases the odds of having a healthy pregnancy when using IVF treatment. This is an expensive treatment which isn’t covered under insurance. A baby born soon is an immense happiness.

Some side effects from HRT are likely to occur. Research has shown that HRT may increase the chances of a woman experiencing a heart or stroke disease. Additionally, it increases the chance that a woman will develop an unintentional blood clot. Women need to discuss their entire medical history with their fertility expert for a determination of whether HRT is safe treatment. petygps9nf.

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