Tips for Acting as a Medical Witness – The Employer Store

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Yet, it’s still not enough to graduate from medical school to be an effective medical expert witness. Here are some tips for becoming an excellent witness from SEAK, Inc, a company that trains people employed in healthcare industries to become witness.

Be prepared to testify in a case as if you were an athlete trying to make it onto the Olympic team. You should practice being interviewed by the legal firm that recruited you. Take on some difficult questions. Legal counsel on the opposite team will attempt to undermine the credibility of your statement by making it appear to be unprofessional. Keep cool, calm and collected, even if your personal life is called to be in doubt.

Remember all the details about the incident so that you’re familiar with it. If you are asked a question about a situation that you are not able to answer correctly and you are discrediting yourself before the jury. It will look as if that you’re not competent, and everything you have to say will be ignored.

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