How Does Fire Sprinkler Design Know Theres a Fire? – Rad Center

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whether in the home or in a business Sprinkler systems for fire are truly amazing safety tools. If you’ve ever wondered the way a fire sprinkler can detect a fire? Let’s look into how fire sprinklers work systems. The majority of people think that a fire sprinkler system turns on because there’s smoke. But the reality is a little bit different. Fire sprinklers turn on via heat, not smoking. Most fire sprinkler systems have a glass tube located near the sprinkler head. The tube is kept closed. The tube can break as it heats up and then the sprinkler sprays water. These systems do not start to fire all at the same time. The sprinklers nearest to the flame as well as those with the greatest heat are activated first. Additional sprinkler heads will go off as the fire grows. This can help prevent damages to the property. zou18brxv5.

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