A Guide To Trigger Polishing – Cityers

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Are you wondering how to keep your firearm performing at its best?

The trigger coating might be your best choice. Coatings help keep your gun looking smooth, and giving off a better aesthetic that you may have used before. Before you can work on coating your trigger you must be sure that the trigger is perfectly polished. In this video we’ll go through some techniques for polishing the trigger.

Polishing removes any residual oxygenation that may have occurred during manufacturing. There is a chance that corrosion can result from the oxidation process. To prevent this from happening the first step is to get polishing tools, sandpaper and a polishing wheels. If you don’t own these tools, it is best to leave this process to the professionals.

The first step is to use the stone to clean the trigger prior to polishing. Then use the sandpaper to swiftly buff the trigger. Use grease to coat the trigger. Finish by polishing wheel. s27lkryk8c.

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