What Does an Industrial Electrician DO?

Commercial electric recessed lighting

There may be many times when you need the services of an industrial electrician for your company. For instance, you do not want to have your business halted due to an electrical outage. In 2012, power outages affected approximately 48.1 billion residents in the United States. According to the U.S. Propane Council, power outages cost Americans an estimated $1.5 billion per year. Having the power out in your business can cost you money.

You may want to consider having a generator installed by an industrial electrician for emergency back up power. Hospitals, government buildings, and large business for emergency power sources often use Diesel generators or electrical generators. When you have a generator installed by an industrial electrician, this technician will understand that generators should be placed outside so as to avoid health risks produced by fumes.

So, in addition to generator installation, what does an industrial electrician do? Most duties of an industrial electrician are performed in non residential places such as factories and manufactures. These industrial electricians can install electrical equipment, as well as checking and repair that equipment.

An industrial electrician usually goes through an apprenticeship training program, after receiving a high school diploma. These training programs can take anywhere between two and four years to complete. This high level of training is required so that an electrician has all of the necessary skills to perform his or her duties.

Industrial electricians often employed by an electrical service company. Others may be employed directly by the organization that needs their services on an ongoing, full time basis.

The next time you need to hire the services of a commercial electrician, you can find many sources online that can help you choose a reputable technician. Making sure that you have the most qualified industrial electrician working on your system will bring you peace of mind that all systems are working efficiently and effectively. These industrial electricians can also consult with you about an electrical emergency back up systems you may want to put into place. One final note, even with a backup generator available, you should also have a battery powered radio on hand for use during a long power outage.
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