Put an End to Household Electrical Hazards

Desktop grommets

Did you know that, according to the Electrical Safety Foundation International (ESFI), you are more likely to die from a residential fire during the months of November through March? The holiday season and colder months mark a greater likelihood of home heating and electrical fires. It is especially important, then, to take precautions and familiarize yourself with safety tools and equipment. What are some simple and important safety tools?

Rubber Grommets

Preventing electrical hazards, serious accidents, and fires depends on protected and insulated wiring. Oblong or circular rubber grommets prevent damage, including fraying and tearing, by redirecting wires and cables away from sharp metal pieces, corners, and edges. Some sturdy grommets hold up under extreme pressure and temperatures, making them ideal for automotive and industrial manufacturing. Grommets may also be made from other materials, such as hard plastic. These grommets are typically used to protect wiring and cables near or on furniture and desks.

Nylon Fasteners and Cable Ties

Similarly, nylon fasteners help curb electrical fires and injury by guaranteeing homeowners and workers a safe way to take apart and put back together electronics. Nylon fasteners, including nylon nuts and bolts, may also resist torque, chemical wearing, and vibrations much better than metal counterparts. Nylon is also easier to fasten and often does not require another tool, such as a drill or a punch hole.

Finally, cable ties keep electrical contact safe by organizing and securing wires and cables. Cable ties, also called hose ties and zip ties, may also be made from plastics, such as nylon, and stainless steel. Stainless steel ties help resist fires in high-temperature environments. Nylon ties, on the other hand, can be incredibly durable, and are sometimes reinforced to make makeshift handcuffs, called PlastiCuffs. Offices and manufacturers may use color cable ties to help organize and easily identify wires.

Electrical hazards are especially prevalent during the cold winter months. Homeowners and workers can stay alert and safe, by using important electrical safety tools, such as rubber grommets, nylon fasteners, and color cable ties.

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