Three Pieces of Equipment Needed to Begin Making Pottery

Skutt kilns

Did you know that ceramic is inorganic and nonmetallic? Solid ceramic is prepared through heating and subsequent cooling, and this is how pottery is generally made. Before creating your own pottery, however, it is important to obtain all the necessary pottery tools and supplies. By doing so, your pottery-making experience will be more rewarding.

1. Clay. The first item you must gather in order to create pottery is clay. Earthenware, stoneware, and porcelain are the three most common types of pottery, so it is important to acquire the type of clay that will be able to produce the results you want. By obtaining the right clay, your pottery-making journey can begin.

2. Pottery wheel. In order to form the clay, a pottery wheel is needed. Pottery wheels were created in Mesopotamia somewhere between 6,000 and 4,000 BCE, and they are used to “throw” clay, which is the process of rotating clay on the wheel so that it can be formed more easily. Although clay can be formed by hand, a pottery wheel will quickly create smooth clay designs.

3. Kiln. Once the design is formed, a kiln is needed to “fire” the clay, which is the process of hardening it using heat. There are several types of kilns available, including LandL kilns, which can be used by hobbyists, students, art professionals, and several other types of people. The hardened clay can then be decorated after it is fired, but you also have the option of decorating the clay before it is fired, as well.

In order to effectively create pottery, all the necessary tools and equipment must be obtained. Clay, pottery wheels, and kilns, such as LandL kilns, are all needed for pottery-making, as they all serve specific purposes. Without them, you will not be able to create pottery to the best of your abilities.

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