Love Mexican Food, but Can’t Cook It? There’s Still Hope!

Ceviche recipe

Recetas de Comida: Spanish for “cooking recipes”. Have you tried any Hispanic or Mexican recipes yet? If you love to eat out at a Mexican restaurant, then there is no reason why you shouldn’t be making the food yourself, at home. It’s quick, simple, incredibly cheap to make, and ridiculously good. I know, the idea of cooking food from a different culture can seem scary, but it only takes a little research to realize that it’s not that scary at all.

  • Recetas Fáciles
  • It translates to “easy recipes”, and nearly all Mexican recetas de comida are. Most of the time, the most intimidating part is either an ingredient that you are not accustomed to working with, or a technique that you’ve never done before. But either one of those worries can be alleviated quickly and simply.

    For the ingredient: Go to the ethnic section in your grocery store, and you’ll most likely be able to find it there. Then do a little research to find what it closest resembles in ingredients that you are used to working with. If you’re still not quite comfortable using it, you can almost always just replace it with the ingredient you are more accustomed to using and it will turn out just fine.

    For the unfamiliar technique: Usually the recipe itself will have a detailed description of the process for you, giving you step-by-step directions on how to do it properly. If the writing is not enough for you, simply do a search for the technique online. You can always find a video explaining the process, offering you step-by-step instructions as well. With the visual component, it will be much easier to understand what is happening.

  • Recetas de Postres
  • Perhaps the easiest of the recetas de comida are the “dessert recipes”. Mexican desserts are incredibly simple, yet blend some amazing flavors together to offer a complex bouquet and palate that makes even the most basic of recipes seem like it took much more to make than it actually did.

    Most of the Mexican desserts either work with custard or pudding, or a dough of some sort. If you can approach it as just another recipe, regardless of the cultural differences behind it, it should be snap to make.

    The best part is that you get to learn plenty of new flavor combinations that you may never have considered before. It can be a learning experience in both culture and cuisine. And once you learn the tips and tricks and techniques that make Mexican food so easy and delicious, you can even begin to apply them to your standard recipes to spice things up.

Stop going out to eat whenever you want Mexican food. Take a little bit of time to learn a lot of knowledge, and you’ll be able to prepare your own Mexican food in a pinch. Expand your cooking repertoire, your experience, and your pallet. You and your family won’t regret it. Read more. Good refereneces.

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