Get Better Access With Handicap Car Modifications

Lifts for the elderly

If you or your loved on has physical challenges, you may want to allow them to be more mobile by undertaking handicap car modifications. They will be able to independent if they can either drive or ride in a vehicle with handicap car modifications.

You should examine the needs of the person who will be driving or riding in the car that will undergo handicap car modifications. Talking to a professional such as an occupational therapist can help you with this determination.

You should check out any laws and regulations in your area that covers handicap car modifications. Some states require that a company that is approved to do these services make these types of changes. Check to make sure that you follow all regulations during your handicap vehicle modifications.

If the person will be riding in a wheelchair, you will want to install a car wheelchair lift or a folding ramp. There may be instances where you may need to lower the floor or raise the roof, so the person can ride comfortable in the van. Install locking devices on the floor of the vehicle to lock the wheelchair into place.

If the person will be sitting in a seat, you may want to consider installing a swivel seat. This will assist the disable person to get in and out of the car. Other handicap car modifications include the installation of a special seat belt, should the person need more support or restraint than a regular seat belt provides.

You can install handicap car modifications for a vehicle if the person is actually going to drive the car. Install hand controls if the person is not able to use the foot controls. You can also install bigger buttons and controls as part of the handicap car modifications.

When considering handicap car modifications, you may be able to do some of these modifications. A company that specializes in car lifts, mobility vans, and handicap car modifications should do the larger modifications. This way you will know that the handicap car modifications where install properly and will keep your disabled driver or rider as safe as possible
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