Choose Auto Transport Services for Price, Safety, and Speed

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People who are moving long distances, and moving multiple vehicles, might think that they have found a way to achieve cheap car transport by driving some of the vehicles themselves, but did you know that to drive a car across the country it would cost at least $2,200 in gas? The smarter, more affordable, and safer choice is to choose car transport companies instead of doing it yourself. While car shipping is most popular in moving cars that were purchased online because they do not add to the mileage of a car, they are also convenient for anyone moving across the country. Here are three reasons to use an auto shipper.

  1. Cheap car transport.
  2. Cheap car shipping is of course relative and dependent on from where you are shipping, and what type of vehicle you are shipping. However, compared to the cost of gas, lodging, and meals you would incur to do the transportation yourself, auto shippers are much more affordable. You can use car shipping cost calculators to help you get an idea of what the estimated cost of vehicle transportation will be. An even easier method of getting an estimation would be to call an auto shipper and give them the specifics of your car, where it is, where it is going, and when it needs to be shipped.

  3. Car transport services are safer.
  4. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, there is a 30% chance that in your lifetime you may be involved in a serious car accident. Vehicle shipping takes your driving skills out of the equation. You can ship a car safely using vehicle transportation services, and take steps to ensure the safety of that vehicle by doing a walk-around with the driver, taking pictures, and noting any damage both before and after delivery. Auto shippers have insurance, so on the rare occasion that something does happen during transport you can be sure that it is covered.

  5. Vehicle transport could fit neatly into your schedule.
  6. The key to timely vehicle shipping is to schedule ahead of time. The average move time for a vehicle transport could be anywhere between two and 14 days, depending on the distance. If you schedule ahead of time, you will likely get a better result. One option is to use multicarriers if you want one of the least expensive forms of transportation, but it is important to note that this method will result in a longer delivery time.

Safe, timely, and cheap car transport are the primary benefits of using an auto shipper as opposed to doing it yourself. You will need to carefully consider your budget and your schedule to get the most out of an auto shipping service, so remember to schedule early, speak to a company to get estimates, and consider that it may be safer to leave the cross country driving to a professional service. To learn more, read this:

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