What Enterprise Project Controls Software Can Do For You

Construction project management software

Budget overruns are incredibly common for engineering companies, construction contractors, and other business owners working on large projects. Because of the many important components of those projects, it is easy to lose track of the complexities involved. Thankfully, there are better ways to manage those projects that can reduce budget problems and increase efficiency.

Enterprise project controls software helps project managers know where they stand financially with each project. These project management applications utilize streamlined workflows connecting features like procurement, construction estimating, contract management, project cost controls, earned value management, project change management, project tracking for labor equipment and materials, and project timesheet and customer billing.

The cost estimating software is able to directly take information from estimates, generating quote details automatically. This feature of enterprise project controls software can help businesses predict and manage cash flows better. Taking it a step further, the software allows users to set up billing frequencies with critical alert notifications, making it impossible to miss invoicing deadlines.

Engineering procurement software also provides a comprehensive vendor rating system for each purchase or job done by a supplier or subcontractor. Over time, the software aggregates those ratings to produce a fully calculated vendor rating that can be used to compare future contenders for a bid. This element contributes a key element of enterprise project controls and successful outcomes.

Project cost management software is often part of a multi-user, collaborative cloud solution and can provide real-time dashboards and drill-down reports showing many key performance indicators of a project’s health and helping projects to stay on track. As a result, enterprise project controls software is able to improve team efficiency, broadening a company’s capacity to execute bigger, more complicated projects without taking on additional costs or labor burdens. Because the software produced by EPCM organizations can also integrate easily with other systems like accounting, payroll, and scheduling, it fits seamlessly into many companies, increasing efficiency almost immediately.

The software provided by EPCM organizations can greatly increase efficiency and success for many types of companies. The many benefits well outweigh any cost of implementation, which is more than made up for by the savings that results from closer budget management. Contact any one of America’s EPCM organizations to set your business on a better track for success.

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