What to Keep in Mind While Looking for Laptop Scanners

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One of the reasons why portable laptop scanners are increasing in popularity is the benefits associated with digital filing. Backing up hard copy receipts, business cards, documents and other important paperwork is essential to businesses of all kinds. In fact, laptop scanners are able to increase productivity of a business. It is common for the business world to do everything possible to avoid misplacing important documents and paperwork. Physical paperwork is easy to lose and misplace, while digital backups are not. Recent studies show more than 25 percent of paper documents in the enterprise world go on missing.

According to Datapro and Gartner Group, 25 percent of paperwork is lost and will never be found. This causes a major problem for businesses that rely on paperwork. Laptop scanners come equipped with the necessary software solutions to store and backup important paperwork in a digital format. In addition to laptop scanners, businesses also rely on business card scanners as well. Scanning, recording, and saving business cards will provide a business an easier way to pull up business contacts in the future. The increasing popularity of the cloud is also providing new convenient solutions for storing digital documents.

New studies show 50 percent of 500 IT decision makers saying cloud applications provide business agility and convenience. SandHill asked 500 IT managers why they rely on cloud applications. One of the major reasons is storage. While looking for portable scanners online, make sure you spend the time to read reviews. You can find reviews on laptop scanners by using social media sites, business directories and your favorite search engine. Reducing paperwork is beneficial for the environment. Research shows more than 1 trillion documents copied, faxed or printed in the United States every single year, according to InfoTrends. As you can see, laptop scanners offer a wide range of benefits that businesses cannot ignore.

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