Pageant Interviews Questions and Answers are the Time for Your Real Beauty to Shine!

How to win a beauty pageant

A beauty pageant is a competition that focuses primarily on the physical beauty and fitness of contestants, but also their talent, public speaking ability, community service, wardrobe and personality. Beauty pageants date as far back as 1880, when the first “Bathing Beauty Pageant” took place as part of a summer festival in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. Today in America, approximately 250,000 contestants compete in beauty pageants annually. International pageants are far more encompassing and can involve hundreds, sometimes thousands of local competitions. To succeed in the pageantry industry, you cannot just be a pretty face… there are already a stage full of those standing right next to you. The key to placing is excelling in pageant interview questions and answers. Here are some beauty pageant tips and tricks for delivering better interviews.

  1. Study
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    Judges could potentially ask a question on any subject, but generally current events are the most common topic. Take the time before the pageant to study world events and recent news, as well as formulate a strong personal opinion on any controversial subjects. Nothing impresses a judge like a contestant who is not only informed but can also can take a stance they believe in on divisive subjects.

  3. Stay Calm
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    Always remember, that while pageant interview questions and answers are important, it is not a life and death situation. Stay calm and relax. Take time to prepare yourself mentally before stepping out on stage. Nervousness shows.

  5. Eye Contact and Smile
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    When entering the room and having the stage to yourself, make eye contact with every judge and be sure to smile. You want them to remember you and the impression you are about to make. Be sure to shift your eye contact from judge to judge and even to the audience when answering questions. Never stay locked in to one judge, speak to the whole room.

  7. Turn Vanilla Questions into Colorful Answers
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    At some point it is likely a judge will give pageant questions that are bland, such as “What is your favorite animal?” Instead of giving equally simple answers, use this opportunity to stand out. Instead of saying “Dog” as a response to that question, tell us why your dog is so important to you and give us a memorable story about your favorite canine pal.

  9. Show Off Your Personality
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    The biggest goal of pageant interview questions and answers is to showcase your personality. Take this opportunity of one on one time with the judges to show us who you really are. Act like you are speaking with a good friend. Make them laugh, feel your emotions, have a good time out there! Pageant interviews are the time for your true beauty to shine!

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