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One of the most useful innovations that man has created in the last hundred years is the automobile. It is easy to overlook how far the automobile has come since its inception, but the technological advances are mindblowing. For example, when the car was first created it was steered with a tiller rather than a wheel. Nowadays cars such as the Nissan Leaf have smart phone apps which with the touch of a button can start or stop the engine and adjust the heat or air conditioning. Automobiles have also become much more efficient, for example it only takes about a half an ounce of gasoline, about one third of a shot glass, to start a car.

Cars have also influenced other aspects of society, one of the biggest influences comes in the form of travel. Prior to the car travel took days, months, or even years depending on how far one was journying. Now cars travel at such high rates of speed that travel times are shortened exponentially in many cases. Studies have shown that men apparently enjoy these high rates of speed a bit more than women, or at least that they receive more speeding tickets than their female counterparts. While it is obviously not possible, or practical for that matter, a car traveling at 60 mph would take 157 days to reach the moon.

Purchasing a new car can be a tedius and nervewracking process, many people have trouble even knowing where to start. One of the main places that people tend to start nowadays is the internet, one does not have to search far to find ads claiming to have the best used cars or new car sales. One of the main selling strategies of manufactuerers is to have flashy advertisements and deals that highlight a particular model or package. For example Nissan car specials may highlight the Altima or the Sentra, two of their most popular models. Other Nissan car specials could include special financing options, warranty or service coverage, or something such as higher trade value.

Determining how to pay for a new or used car can also be a difficult process, but promotions similar to Nissan car specials can help greatly. Many people who already own a car will start by determining their current cars trade in value. Trading in a car can be an effective means to finance used cars or a new car depending on the model year that they are looking to purchase. Purchasing a vehicle is a big decision, one must decide new versus used, what they can afford, and how to pay for it. Regardless of which decision one makes it is very important to do research and not act too quickly.
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  1. I have been looking to purchase a new car for a while now, my problem is that I have a hard time comparing prices across different mediums. I have found good deals in person, and good deals online but it is difficult to compare them.

  2. I recently purchased a new car, I was hoping to find more information on financing it though. I have heard so many different things depending on who I ask.

  3. I recently purchased a new car, I was hoping to find more information on financing it though. I have heard so many different things depending on who I ask.

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