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Broadway has a long and rich history. The reason that it possesses one is because of the incredible shows that it puts on, which means that cheap Broadway show tickets are tough to come by. Broadway theaters were actually amongst the first to wow crowds through the use of electric bulbs on signs, as well. This bright light was actually what earned Broadway the nickname, “The Great White Way.”

You see, Broadway is a world renowned phenomenon that attracts more than 11.5 million theater goers annually. Last year, the average was more than smashed. There were over 12 million people who saw Broadway shows in 2012.

Broadway is a pretty incredible place. It has won several Tony Awards, which were named in honor of Antoinette Perry who was chairman of the board and secretary of the American Theatre Wing throughout World War II. Its second longest playing musical is Cats, with 7,485 performances, and that is just the second longest.

As these two facts continue to evidence, cheap broadway show tickets are tough to come by because of the demand for high quality shows.

Though I have been saying that cheap Broadway show tickets are impossible to come by, that does not mean you should not go. Tickets for shows are at a pretty reasonable price already, to be totally honest. There are other, more affordable alternatives, too. You can find tickets to off broadway shows in nyc as well, if you still hold out hope for cheap Broadway show tickets, whether they be tickets for musicals or tickets for plays.

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