More than eight decades later, Dallas TX News 4 is still one of the best source of news

If you want the latest news and breaking headlines, there is nothing that can compare with Fox 4 News, also known as Dallas TX News 4. And there is more, Fox 4 news tx offers late breaking news headlines every night and free online news whole day long. With Dallas TX News 4, there is no reason for you to miss the news and happenings in and around Texas. In fact, even if you are on the move and have no time to tune in to Dallas TX News 4 or visit the website, you can get Dallas TX News 4 on your mobile, via email or RSS feed.

Dallas TX News 4 started out decades ago when KDRW Fox 4 first went into air on October 26, 1926. Over the years it changed its call letters several times as company evolves. Come television age, KRLD which was then the call letters of KDRW, had its first telecast as KRLD TV Channel 4 on December 3, 1949. The first telecast was the 1949 football game of Notre Dame vs SMU. News and entertainment programs were soon added. The following decades saw Dallas TX News 4 covering some of the most important events and happenings that made television, as well as national and international, history. Dallas TX News 4 was there to cover President Kennedys assassination for days and it was there to speculate with us on who shot JR. Since then Dallas TX News 4 has been in the forefront of the important news and events to bring us the latest news updates.

At the same time, Dallas TX News 4 today offers more than news. Of course you would still find the freshest and most accurate news on politics, economy, weather, entertainment and sports but Dallas TX News 4 gives everything for everybody. For example, there is the seven day weather forecast as well as hourly forecast. This can help you plan your day and even your week. Now, if you want more that news and want more in depth reporting Fox 4 has investigative news report. And if you want the really unusual news, you can have that on 4. What is unusual? Well, in one of the reports on Fox 4 Dallas News, the headline goes, Able bodied woman wants surgery to make her paraplegic. And of course there is the Tex File, Texas own X Files. And since we are here in Dallas, you would not want to miss the local news that are really helpful, such as available jobs in Dallas.

Now, one good thing about Dallas TX News 4 is that you are a part of Fox 4 News. Unlike other programs and networks, here you can participate or take part in news reporting. You can send your own tips, even recipes if you want. You can even ask questions on just about anything. But if you do not want to be an active participant, you can actually just receive the news the way you want it.

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