How Would You Convince Your Roommate to Go Camping?

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Trying to convince my roommates to find a park and come camping with me was a lot harder than I thought. I mean, when I was in Boy Scouts, that is all we ever wanted to do, but I guess some people have never been and just do not see the benefits of spending some time out in nature.

He just did not believe that taking a break from TV and video games to find a park and camp was going to be the incredibly rewarding experience that it was to most families. So, I appealed to his stomach, telling him about camping food. All of the delicious smores, and hot dogs and tinfoil packet dinners we could have. And the way the smokiness of the campfire gets in the food and flavors it naturally. It is so amazing.

Talking about it with him got me all nostalgic. I started remembering how my Dad would let me pack my own bag so I could bring my favorite toys and books and stuffed animals, which made me appreciate things even more. I think that it was my fond recalling of all my experiences going to find a park and camping in Ohio or camping in Ontario or camping in New York that got him to start changing his mind.

Once on the fence, I told him to that camping is not the kind of roughing it that people used to have to deal with. The first sleeping bag might have been called the 19th Century invention the “Euklisia rug,” but instead nowadays we can get cabin rentals or go RV camping. The whole point is to find a park and get out in nature and enjoy the Earth. You know?

He finally relented and loved camping. We are in going to find a park every month this summer and go camping for about five days in each now. What do you all like about camping? What would you have said to convince him to help me find a park? Leave it in the comments! Find more on this here:

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  1. You should have just told him about banana boats! Those were the main reason that I would agree to go camping. I hated hiking and pitching tents, but man did I love banana boats. I was such a fat kid.

  2. I used to go for the hiking and the football. My family would rent a cabin and cook out over the open flame, but I have no idea what banana boats are

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