Protect yourself with the best lead aprons

Pacs monitor

Lead aprons and lead glasses are used to protect both professionals and patients from overexposure to radiation. Lead aprons and other xray accessories are essential, no matter what kind of procedure is being performed. Radiography, for instance, is the use of x rays to view things like the human body and other non uniformly composed materials. Initially known as roentgenograms, radiographes are used to spot problems all over the human body.

With lead aprons protecting other parts of ones body, doctors and technicians can use medical x rays to view their teeth, bones and vital organs. These x rays are generated by allowing a stream of fast electrons come to a sudden stop on a metal plate. The number of xray accessories that one will need to perform these operations successfully, including leaded glasses and lead aprons, may surprise those not in the field. After this, the medical experts can view the results with Pacs monitors and a PACS computer.

PACS stands for picture archiving and communications system. This medical imaging technology provides both convenient access to and economical storage of images from multiple modalities. Electronic reports and images are send digitally via PACS, which eliminates the need to manually file, transport or retrieve film jackets.

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