Plumbers Keep San Diego Residents Out of Hot Water

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The first pipes used for plumbing were made from lead. In fact, the word plumbing is from the Latin plumbum, which means lead. Plumbing has been around for thousands of years. The ancient Romans had plumbing, and in Palenque, Mexico there is evidence that the Mayans were building pressurized pipes some time between 450 and 750 AD.

While most of them do not know the origins of the word plumbing San Diego residents do know how to find good plumber service. Some plumbing problems are small, like a slow draining sink. Other jobs are big, such as sewer line replacement. Leaks, clogs, drainage problems and burst pipes are some of the issues with plumbing san diego residents typically have.

A dripping, leaky faucet is not only annoying; it is also a waste of water and money. If the water dropping from a faucet can fill an eight ounce glass in 15 minutes, it will waste 2,160 gallons per year, or 180 gallons per month, of water. Leaks can also lead to water damage.

Whether it is for a leaky faucet, a clogged sink or sewer and drain service, if you are looking for a good plumber San Diego has them. There are many advances in innovative, modern plumbing San Diego and other cities across the U.S. Other countries have a lot of plumbing advances, too. In Japan, there are even urinals that have voice activated flushing. They respond to many different commands, including the word “fire”.

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