A Good Server Rack is the Foundation for Your Data Center

Half height server rack

When you are ready to plan your new server room, the first thing you will want to decide is, “Where do I put the servers?” That may sound silly, but planning firsthand will solve problems and prevent later headaches.

You will be using server racks, of course, with possibly some server cabinets and server rack enclosures. Keep these things in mind as you start to analyze the space you will use.

First, your server room should never be located in a space where one of the walls is an outer wall. This makes the room prone to temperature changes, cold spots, and can affect climate control (especially humidity) in the server room…and climate control affects data storage integrity, energy costs and environmental impact.

Second, when you decide on the server racks you want to use, make sure the server rack shelves that will properly house the servers you have and will purchase, and keep in mind that if you are in a new server room, your company has grown…how will you provide for further expansion in this room? Buy server racks that are scalable for bigger and better things to come. You may want to hang onto your old used server racks just in case; sometimes, used server racks are perfect for your applications and a lot cheaper than new.

Third, spend time thinking about which servers will have what position on your server racks. The server room should mirror your organization and management, so think neatness and utility when you plan the room. Server enclosures may help give the room a sleeker, more 21st century look and impress your managers without making your job tougher.

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