Why Urgent Care Centers Trump Emergency Rooms

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Are you looking for an alternative to primary care physicians or emergency rooms? You may be looking for urgent care Portland Oregon has to offer. Staffed by a doctor Portland has to offer, these urgent care facilities are prolific. 8,700 exist in the United States today, and about 60 percent are owned by an individual or a doctor, such as a doctor Portland offers. Urgent care treatment centers are not as crowded as emergency rooms, nor are they as hard to schedule as a primary care doctor Portland has in abundance. Rather, these urgent care centers offer services on site.

Urgent care provides an important back up for hospital emergency room visits. A Rand corporation study has found that one out of every four emergency room visits could have been better treated elsewhere. That said, emergency rooms are the most expensive option for treatment, whether for an individual or for society as a whole. As such, hospitals and policy makers have encouraged the growth of urgent care. The Urgent Care Association of America, or UCAA, was created to set standards of care that are both safe and cost effective, and even have a fellowship program since 2008. A doctor Portland may have might take advantage of this.

Many urgent care centers have a doctor Portland offers that provides a variety of treatments. UCAA guidelines specify an urgent care doctor Portland has provide diagnostic services, Phlebotomy and x rays, and a wealth of other treatment options. 68 percent also provide acute physical therapy on site, such as those found with urgent care beaverton has to offer. These facilities even have STD testing Portland offers.

So the next time you need care right away, do not go to an emergency room. Rather, visit an urgent care doctor Portland offers. Not only can a visit to an urgent care doctor portland offers provide you with immediate care, but perhaps also piece of mind.

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