Customized postcards are a great way to market your business

Postcard printing

For all you business owners out there, it seems like all anybody talks about nowadays is internet marketing to improve and expand customer bases. However, there has been some research that suggests that direct mail marketing still plays a relevant part when it comes to getting the word out. That may partially be because direct mail leaves a ‘deeper footprint’ in the brain (at least according to the research agency Millward Brown). So it definitely behooves you to market your business by way of direct mail, and the best way to do that is with customized postcards.

Direct mail postcards have been around since the World’s Colombian Exposition in Chicago was sending them out back in 1893. Actually the predecessor to customized postcards, the sales catalog, dates back to 1872 when the first Montgomery Ward catalog came out. Later, in 1940, picture postcards appeared when the writer Theodore Hook sent himself a postcard of a hand drawn caricature of postal workers. Nowadays, there are all sorts of business postcards being used. Everything from real estate postcards to customized postcards for special occasions. Whatever you might need customized postcards for, there is sure to be a custom postcard printing shop near you that can take care of whatever you might need.

Besides being a great way to get word of your company out to potential customers, customized postcards are relatively inexpensive. For exact rates you are going to have to shop around, but they should be relatively cheap. The best way to find out which customized postcards printing shop has the best deals is (ironically enough) to go online and search for them in Google. That way you can see what all your local customized postcards printers are charging, and choose the one that you feel is the best. It beats spending hours calling up all the local printers, or even worse driving from location to location trying to find the best deal. Go online and get the customized postcards that will help get the word out about your business and will help you grow.

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