Breast Augmentation Tampa FL

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Did you know that if you are going in for breast augmentation Tampa FL that the FDA has only approved certain models of silicone and certain models of saline breast implants. These are the ones that are made by Allergan, Sientra and Mentor. Breast implants Tampa are done all the time using these types of implants. In American, the average bra size is 36C. Women with smaller breast than that tend to feel inadequate so they will go in for breast augmentation Tampa FL. Some women want an even larger size. The type of implant and the ultimate bra size that you want should be discussed with your Tampa plastic surgeon. Tampa breast augmentation may not be right for everyone. In fact, you have to be over the age of 18 to get surgery done for breast augmentation Tampa FL.

There are several Tampa plastic surgeons you can go to for breast augmentation Tamapa FL. The number of breast augmentation surgeries has tripled over the last 15 years. The Sientra high strength silicone implant is called the “gummy bear implant.” The FDA approved it after an eight year study trying was done on it. Women own an average of 9 bras, but they only wear six of them regularly. These are all facts you can find out when searching for information on breast augmentation Tampa FL.

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